1st March 2018

Outstanding Pupil – Armthorpe Academy

Congratulations to an outstanding student at Armthorpe Academy


Last year Lucy Gane, one of our Y11 students, applied to become a volunteer as part of the Doncaster Elite Sports Leaders Academy through Active Fusion, an Educational Charity based in Doncaster.  Although Lucy is the youngest member of the group she has inspired the older students, and volunteered to make a difference to other young people in Doncaster.


Last week was the annual PE and School Sport Conference, attracting 112 delegates from Doncaster Schools including VIP’s from Health, Education and Community sectors.  Lucy was asked to open the conference by telling the delegates what impact sport has had on her life.


The Partnership Director for Active Fusion, Lindsy James, wrote to the Academy thanking us for giving Lucy time to do this, also to ask that Lucy receive the recognition she deserves and to say Lucy has a bright future ahead of her.


This is what Lucy had to say:


 “Sports has had a big impact on my life and has helped me change as a person. It has taught me a many valuable lessons, such as working well in teams; not being scared of meeting new people; learning to respect everybody around me and being able to deal with success and failure. On top of this, sports has helped me to think quickly on my feet and learn how to reacts appropriately to difficult, pressuring and ambiguous situations. Personally I believe that all these changes have helped positively impact my future and will continue to throughout my lifetime as I now feel more confident in positions in and out of my comfort zone, which I know is an important factor for achieving in life. Overall, these skills have then developed my maturity and the ability to make mature decisions in tough situations. To me personally, the most important thing sports has done to change me is that it has taught me to be resilient and aim high and try my best at everything”.



Lucy met with the Principal, Mr Peirson, and Martin Shevil of Consilium Academies Trust who presented Lucy with a certificate of congratulations for an outstanding contribution to Armthorpe Academy.