About Consilium Academies

Consilium Academies was approved as a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) and an academy sponsor in January 2015.  The MAT was developed by Martin Shevill and Graham Soles who are now the joint Chief Executives of Consilium Academies.  Currently the MAT has three academies; Buile Hill Visual Arts College in Salford, Armthorpe Academy in Doncaster and Wyvern Academy in Darlington.

Consilium's Aims

Ensure every young person achieves their potential and every school improves sequentially by:

  • Aiming to provide the best possible education and experiences to develop the whole child during their time under our influence.
  • Every student achieving the qualifications required to secure the most appropriate route in the next stage of their lives whether that is university education or apprenticeship.  No young person will leave our academies not in education, employment or training.
  • Creating a provision for young people that gives value for money in an environment where they feel safe and secure to develop themselves, personally and educationally.
  • Raising attainment and ensuring that excellent progress is made by every student.
  • Taking advantage of the school led system predicated on collaboration and partnerships.  This will entail linking with outstanding teaching schools and school based ITT providers to ensure transfer of knowledge and good practice.  The capacity created from such arrangements will ensure we achieve the aims we set for children and adults in our academies.
  • Developing an appropriate curriculum responsive to the needs of all students matched with outstanding pedagogy will reinforce learning through challenge, support and consolidation of skills, knowledge, understanding and values of what is required for a happy and successful future in an ever changing society.
  • Ensuring that families are an integral part of their children’s education by developing a positive and supportive relationship.  An inclusive and welcoming approach to those adults who feel marginalised by traditional educational practices will be a key component of our routines.  We intend that there will be no gaps between those children disadvantaged and the rest either in attainment or opportunity.
  • Surrounding children and young people “with things noble” (Thwing – A successful Victorian Head teacher) providing a diverse range of extra curricular opportunities and experiences for individuals and groups of young people.

Consilium will work with schools and academies in a supportive way that does not detract from the individual identity of a school.  We do not intend to impose a curriculum, a school day or a uniform on schools and academies within our MAT.  Our support will be bespoke, always with the aim of providing the best opportunities to meet local needs.  It is our aim to work with existing staff to create a truly outward looking and collaborative organisation.

We will operate on a commissioning/brokerage model working with a network of Teaching Schools and other schools to deploy SLEs, LLEs and NLEs (and other good and outstanding system leaders not yet designated) along with high quality associate staff to support any school or academy in challenging circumstances.  We will also be working with senior HMI and Assistant Directors of LAs.  Graham and Martin have a number of years experience in Headteacher and Executive Headteacher positions and also have a track record of successful school to school support and an extensive network of contacts.  They have strong strategic partners to support their approach and are able to draw on a number of other specialists depending on the needs of the schools they are working with.