Central Team

Based in our central operational office in Eccles.

Martin Shevill

Chief Executive Officer

Sonia Johnson

Director of Operations (People & Estates)

Michelle Duval

Director of Finance

John Hallworth

Director of Curriculum & Assessment

Nick Hurst

Trust Business Manager (Estates)

Ben Johnson

Finance Officer

Vin Joseph

Governance Lead & Clerk to the Trust


Peter Wilson


Sue Beeley (Chair)

Training & Development Manager

Sheffield United Football Club

Neil Donkin

Former Headteacher & Educational Consultant

Alan Biggin


Bill Dennison MBE

Retired Dean of Education 


Jonathan Glazzard

Professor of Teacher Education

Leeds Beckett University 

Paul Woodmancy (Chair)

HR & Marketing Specialist

Denise Chong

Retired Senior HR at International level & Specialist

 in Organisational Change

Joan Pennington

Teaching School Director

Manchester Teaching School Alliance

Ben Peck

Marketing and communications specialist 

Giles Blessed

Property & Facilities Management Specialist

Chris Read

Learning Programme Manager, Ambition School Leadership

Joe Gordon

CEO First Direct Bank

School Improvement Team

Based in schools

Nick Thompson

Director of Maths

Sally Ogden

Director of (Humanities/Teaching & Learning)

Darren Tyldesley

Director of English

Richard Clifford

Maths Specialist

Tony Dowling

Humanities & Leadership

Helen Morgan

English Teaching & Learning

Kate Sanderson

Maths Specialist

Suzanne Crawshaw

English Teaching & Learning