Consilium Academies



Trust Structure


David Clayton
Chief Executive Officer

James Inman
Director of Education

Tracey Greenough
Director of Education

Marc Doyle
Director of Education

Kate Hewson
Education Adviser

Laura McBride
Education Adviser

Andrew Bridge
Education Adviser

Neelam Yousaf
Director of HR and Corporate Services

John Halstead
Director of Finance and Operations

Kev Stockton
Head of Technical Services

Chris Read

Head of Professional Development

Craig Fawcett
North East HR Manager

Kirsteen Light
Data Manager

Gemma Trevers
Marketing and Communications Manager

Wendy Gardner
Governance Manager

Nicola Jerath
PA to Chief Executive Officer

Abigail Adkins
Human Resources Officer

Ben Johnson
Finance Officer

Caroline Smith
Finance Assistant


Peter Wilson

Alan Biggin

Neil Donkin
Former Headteacher & Educational Consultant

Bill Dennison
Retired Dean of Education


Paul Woodmancy (Chair) 
HR & Marketing Specialist

Denise Chong
Retired Senior HR & Specialist in Organisational Change

Joan Pennington
Teaching School Director, Manchester Teaching School Alliance

Ben Peck
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Giles Blessed
Property & Facilities Management Specialist

Yvonne Brown
CEO Leading Learners Multi Academy Trust